Fun Recording Activities for Adults with the dB9PRO VR1.0 Voice Recorder

USB Voice RecorderHoliday Sounds

Using your USB voice recorder, record different sounds on your holiday: the flight take-off, the sounds of the airport, the arrival at your destination, sounds at an exotic location, the waves on a beach, the laughter of your kids having fun – the list is endless. Since you’re sure to take photos, you can combine the two to make a very interesting account on your blog to include sights and sounds, describing locations, sights, sounds, your emotions, etc. You can also make a video of the various sounds and your voice recordings along with the photos to remember your trip upon your return.

Birthday Gift Surprise

Before someone’s birthday, get in touch with some of his/her friends. Use the USB voice recorder to have each friend say something special about the birthday boy/girl. Back home make a video with the recordings and the photos to make a surprise special video gift for that person. Can you imagine the impact and how touched and appreciated they would feel?

Party Game Idea 1

Before the party starts record the beginning of a few famous songs. During the party (indoors or outdoors), plug the USB voice recorder into a computer and amplify on speakers. Have someone play the beginning of a song and pause the recording. If the person can’t sing or recognize the song and sing along, they are out. Start the next song and let the next person guess and so on until only one person is left in, who is declared the winner.

Party Game Idea 2DSC_0110-chroma-grey

Have one person who is ‘it” go out of the room. Have 3 people record themselves while pretending to be someone else by changing their voice as much as they can. Plug the USB voice recorder into a computer and amplify on speakers and play it back, the person who is ‘it’ has to guess who was talking. If they are wrong they are out, and have to be ‘it’.

Party Game Idea 3

Memory Game Divide the group into two teams. This game works well when you have many people together, and it does help if you have 2 USB Voice Recorders – one for each team. But if not, you just have to take turns for each team. To start off, both teams should be out of earshot of each other. Then within each team, record the names of places, colors, animals, numbers, etc. – anything to form a list of sorts. The important thing is – each member of the team is allowed to say only one thing on the list. Keep the length of the list around 60-90 seconds. Once all the team members have finished their turn, and both teams are ready with their lists, the first team plays through their entire recording after attaching the USB recorder to a computer and speakers. They only play it once, so the other team really needs to listen very carefully and take note of what the list is. They are allowed to ask the opposing team any question they like about the list they had recorded like:
  • What was the third color in the list?
  • Whose voice was the fourth animal?
Then let the other team have a turn. If the answers are right, the teams get a point. If not, they don’t. Once that is done, the first team can play the file again, and the other team takes a turn to guess the answer to another question. You can keep going on with this game until you finish the list. Whichever team has more points, wins the game.
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